Our Story

 picture of Rebecca and her children

Welcome to Ruby Ruffles!

Your one stop shop for quality, handmade outfits for your little ones! Whether it be for play, party or both we've got you covered! Our carefully selected fabrics and bespoke designs ensure that your child looks and feels their absolute best, every single day of the week.

Ruby Ruffles was first started by me Rebecca when I had my first daughter Ruby. My mum and grandmother bought me a sewing machine for my 30th birthday and I set to work testing it out. With the help of my grandmother, I made my very first dress, A labor of love that took me two weeks! Instantly captivated by the experience, I found my passion. In a cozy corner of my dining room, I loved to create one-of-a-kind pieces for my daughter and as she grew, she started helping me with her own creative ideas! Word of mouth spread, and soon I started receiving orders from friends, friends of friends and before I knew it, in 2020, amidst a pandemic, Ruby Ruffles was born. Fast forward to today where I now have two little girls of my own to sew for and hundreds of wonderful customers. 

Our mission is to design beautiful, handmade outfits that are affordable without compromising our planets well-being. By promoting sustainable fashion and using high quality fabrics, we strive to create garments that stand the test of time. We encourage our customers to pass down these cherished outfits to siblings and future generations, in an effort to reduce waste and protect our environment.

We look forward to creating something wonderful for your little one!